Parallel Development. Simplify Asset Re-Use. Automate the SDLC.

100% Open Source. 100% Community Supported & Free.

Insight beyond reports

Real-time code interrogation. Visual analysis. Project dashboards and metrics. Un-paralleled visibility. Credit where it is deserved.

Productize Code. Aggregate Legacy Codebases

Create products, not projects. Organize Code for Modular Re-use. Discover Assets. Govern with Fine-Grained Security.

Holistic Collaboration. Consistently Aware.

Streaming Updates. Cross-functional Newsfeeds. Built-in Wiki. One place to collaborate. One place to document. One place where all tasks are tracked, assigned, and monitored. One place for insight, knowledge, and access.

Zero Touch Code Control, Everything Automatic.

Automatic tagging. Automatic branching. Automatic merging. Automatic workflow. Automatic peer review. Automatic release management.

Open Source, Community Supported... and Free.

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